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Packaging tex-xindy

Hi list,

Since version 8.8, coq has done something horrible to its documentation building process that requires me to add, remove and/or edit dependencies every time a new version comes out.

For 8.8.2, the problem is something called xindy, a TeX index generator. We've got a package for it, but that only seems to contain the scripts; there is an executable bit for it that is written in CLISP. TeXLive distributes it as a binary, it seems; there are some binary versions for at least netbsd-amd64 and netbsd-i386.

Running xindy at the moment just results in an error message, namely 'cannot locate xindy.mem', which basically means that xindy can't find its compiled bits.

So what is the best way to go here? Package the binary blob? Try to revamp the package entirely and build the thing from source? Has anyone ever had to deal with a similar problem? Is anyone actually using textproc/tex-xindy successfully and am I just doing something wrong?

(FreeBSD ports doesn't seem to have xindy, so no inspiration there...)


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