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Re: devel/cmake patch

Brook Milligan <> writes:

> Are there Linux (or other) cases where this would _not_ be advised,
> i.e., where the native curses is inadequate but pkgsrc ncurses is not
> a useful replacement?  If that is the right path, it feels like this
> should be the advice given in the "libncurses not installed" section
> of [1], as that would also avoid a prerequisite for pkgsrc.
> Cheers,
> Brook
> [1]

We are conflicted about wiki vs in-tree docs, but I think it would be
good to update bootstrap/README.Linux to really explain what needs to be
said, and to point to that from the wiki page as much as possible.

There are mulitple separate issues.  One is the current set of bootstrap
requirements, and documenting that clearly.  Another is making bootstrap
error out if they are not met, and maybe having the script to do that
check installed so it can be run on client machines.

A third is whether we should be reducing those requirements and
preferring pkgsrc replacements, which is a tradeoff between people
having to install less and having duplicated packages that could have
been avoided.

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