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Re: devel/cmake patch

> On Jul 7, 2018, at 1:57 AM, Edgar Fuß <> wrote:
>> I have run into a Linux machine (v2.6.32) that will not build cmake
>> because of an incompatibility with curses.
> Linux is a kernel. 2.6.32 is a Linux kernel version. How do you deduce the
> (in)compatibility of some userland library from that?

Good question.  If there is no correlation between some part of MACHINE_PLATFORM and/or OS_VARIANT and features of userland, then the entire means of configuring pkgsrc on Linux seems broken.  Then again, perhaps there are other knobs that are more appropriate for differentiating among systems.  Not being a Linux wizard, I am not sure what the correct criterion is in this case, which is why I inquired in the first place.

I do, however, know that on this system, which is a major supercomputing center that would be nice to have pkgsrc working for, I have identified a problem and the underlying reason (ncurses v. curses).  I hope we can identify how to fix the Makefile for this to work out of the box.


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