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Re: How crufty is net/gated?

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> I was looking at net/gated. Its last release was in 1999, its upstream
> has disappeared, the homepage redirects to a sketchy company.
> Maybe it is time to remove it? Or are people still using it?
> Somehow, I am having a hard time imagining a 20-year old routing
> daemon to be useful today.

I have not heard of anyone running gated in a really long time (maybe 15
years, certainly 10).  People mostly moved to zebra and then quagga.  So
it seems ok to me to delete gated.

(Probably it's good to give notice of proposed deletion to
pkgsrc-users.  I have the impression many users who don't hack on pkgsrc
are there.)

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