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Re: building devel/bmake on case-insensitive filesystems

> On Aug 12, 2017, at 10:58 PM, Simon J. Gerraty <> wrote:
> Brook Milligan <> wrote:
>>> 	* VERSION (_MAKE_VERSION): Move the setting of _MAKE_VERSION
>>> 	  to a file that can be included by configure as well as make.
>>> 	  This allows configure to set set _MAKE_VERSION in
>> OK, so this is one of the options I suggested and it seems you have
>> already implemented it (or just did in response to this thread?).
> Just did it, to address your issue.

Thank you very much.

>> What is required to import a new version of bmake into pkgsrc?  This
> Probably best to ask the relevant pkgsrc maintainer.

Joerg, thoughts?

>> seems to be “beta”; what does that mean with respect to stability,
>> etc.?  Is this really appropriate to import?
> No I would not import a beta, but it would be useful to test it in the
> pkgsrc env.

Fair enough.  Just for planning, any idea when the next release will happen?

>> Alternatively, do you have the patch that implements this change?
>> Could that be brought into pkgsrc for the time being?
> Depends on what version pkgsrc/devel/bmake is currently at.

pkgsrc is currently at 20150505.  I suspect lots of changes since then, but I was really wondering about importing for now just the changes from yesterday that address this issue.  Do they do more than add a version file and include it various places?  It would seem that change would fix the immediate problem; a future import would get everything else.

Alternatively, I can just fix pkgsrc in one of the ways that I described and wait for the next import.

Thanks for fixing upstream.


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