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Re: Package Option naming: support to build with vs. default to build in

> Can you enable all renderers by default, and just make an option for
> the default? Then users could install an alternate renderer separately
> at a later time.
Do you want a cups-filters package that always depends on ghostscript AND 
poppler AND cairo AND mupdf AND acroread?

However, my question is not really about this specific package. There must be 
other examples of a package with options for MySQL/PostgreSQL/MariaDB/whatnot 
support and a default setting?

I went for pdftops-renderers-{gs,...} for the supported and 
pdftops-renderer-{gs,...} for the default renderer for now. That's pretty 
confusing, but pdftops-renderer-support-gs and pdftops-renderer-default-gs 
is even more unreadable, isn't it.

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