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Re: What's the relationship between wip and pkgsrc branches?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

[I dropped pkgsrc-users, following the avoid-crossposting theory.]

> For example, my understanding is that the release of a new pkgsrc-wip
> snapshot is not necessarily synced to a -current release and obviously
> not a to a quarterly release.

I don't think "pkgsrc-wip snapshot" refers to anything meaningful.  It's
in CVS, and we don't use branches.  So there is just the latest.

> Is therefore pkgsrc-wip branch-independent, or, due to its inherently
> unstable and volatile nature, does it assume that you are using the
> current branch?

That gives us credit for having more software process documentation that
we do.  Really, people commit to wip what they think are improvements.
Most of those people probably have their pkgsrc trees at -current.  Some
of them migth be using the last quarterly branch.  I would say that the
norm is that pkgsrc-wip -current should work with pkgsrc-current, and if
not wip is buggy.

> Would pkgsrc-wip work or make sense also with a stable quarterly
> release?

As Jonathan says, I think effort would be better spent fixing up pkgsrc
proper and migrating.  Generally pkgsrc-wip has packages that aren't
really quite ok anyway, or have some other reason not to be in pkgsrc
proper, or it's just that no one has gotten around to it.

If you wanted to set up bulk builds of wip and post the results, that
would be a big step forward.  I suspect a lot doesn't build.   These
reports could help to show what's ready.

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