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Re: PERL5_PACKLIST and .orig files

    Date:        Wed, 26 Feb 2014 11:08:59 +0000
    From:        Jonathan Perkin <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Now you have two problems, the package works fine in normal mode but
  | instead breaks with e.g. PKG_DEVELOPER,

I wouldn't suggest that PKG_DEVELOPER be the switch to enable keeping
the .orig files, it is used (for good, and other, reasons) far too much
for it to be the appropriate switch.  Not every developer needs the .orig
files all the time - they're useful when patches are first being developed,
and when upgrading, as they make it very easy to undo the effects of
a patch and try it again (without reverting everything and starting from
the distfile).  They also make it easy to build a new patch - editing the .c
or whatever file, then diff from the .orig file to make the updated patch.
But after the patches are developed and believed correct, the orig files are
no longer useful - even to developers.

Use a switch that has no other meaning, or even (and perhaps better)
a special case patch target, that would only be used while developing
patches (it can leave the patch-done cookie, so a "make" afterwards
will build, so the binary can be tested).   After the patches are
correct, start again from an empty workdir, from the distfile, and
use normal methods, with no orig files and the developer gets the exact
same environment as everyone else.

  | Automatically removing them may not be an option, there are 8 packages
  | with '.orig$' files in their PLIST, though it's possible most of these
  | are simply mistakes.

Perhaps - but there is nothing anywhere that says people cannot name
useful files as whatever.orig ...


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