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Re: Updating plans of lang/ghc

In article <>,
PHO  <> wrote:

>I like the idea of lang/ghc-bootstrap. It is fairly attractive to have
>a bootstrap kit installed as an usual pkgsrc package. The one thing I
>am concerning about is that users will have to find and install a
>binary package if they want to build lang/ghc themselves, otherwise
>they'll end up standing in front of a circular
>dependency. pkg_rolling-replace might complain about it each time the
>packages get updated, even if both lang/ghc-bootstrap and lang/ghc
>(somewhat old ones) are installed. I'm not sure this is OK or not. On
>the other hand lang/ghc7 (and wip/ghc) are free from this problem, but
>their bootstrap kits are somewhat inelegant.

For those two reasons I think that the only choice is to include the bootstrap
step inside a single package as part of the build of the final ghc.


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