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Re: Undebuggable gtk+ breakage

On Thu, Jan 02, 2014 at 03:39:51PM +0100, Anthony Mallet wrote:
> On Thursday, at 15:32, Martin Husemann wrote:
> | Trying to build x11/gtk3+ fails for me, but libtool is hiding all the
> | traces of error messages (see the >&/dev/null 2>&1 it appends).
> | 
> | I won't ask what stupid morons came up with this extremely brilliant idea...
> libtool disables the output of the second compilation when compiling both
> shared (PIC) and static objects. Probably with the assumption that if the 
> first
> compilation (with -fPIC in your case) is OK, the second one will be as well 
> ...

What extremly broken idea is that, and how do I turn it off?
> | Does anyone have hints how to hack around this? Is there some var I could
> | pass to gmake, or some file to quickly hack?
> You could maybe try --disable-shared, libtool should not redirect output when
> it is compiling the .o only once.

Sure, but I want to fix the compilation errors, so how can I make them visible?
Of course I can guess the working directory and invoke cc manually, but this
must be a bad joke.


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