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Re: Undebuggable gtk+ breakage

On Thursday, at 15:32, Martin Husemann wrote:
| Trying to build x11/gtk3+ fails for me, but libtool is hiding all the
| traces of error messages (see the >&/dev/null 2>&1 it appends).
| I won't ask what stupid morons came up with this extremely brilliant idea...

libtool disables the output of the second compilation when compiling both
shared (PIC) and static objects. Probably with the assumption that if the first
compilation (with -fPIC in your case) is OK, the second one will be as well ...


| Does anyone have hints how to hack around this? Is there some var I could
| pass to gmake, or some file to quickly hack?

You could maybe try --disable-shared, libtool should not redirect output when
it is compiling the .o only once.

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