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Re: Theo chiming in on strlcpy

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 08:58:32PM +0100, Marc Espie wrote:
 > > Not only have I thought about it, I've been patching insecure code as
 > > long as just about anyone. I just don't happen to agree with your
 > > dogma.
 > Well, aren't you getting tired of patching the same mistakes again
 > and again ?

If you consider

   char buf[16];
   strcpy(buf, "foo");
   strcat(buf, "/");
   strcat(buf, "bar");

a "mistake", then of course you're going to get tired of patching it
again and again. But that's not fixing security problems; it's tilting
at windmills.

You're reminding me of something Francis Glassborow posted on
comp.std.c a long time back during a similar argument:

   Coding standards are not a substitute for competence.

David A. Holland

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