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Bootstrapping on Mavericks [Re: import wip/leveldb to pkgsrc/databases]

17 Nov 2013, 21:43, Lloyd Parkes <> 
> On 17/11/2013, at 9:59 pm, Mike M. Volokhov 
> <> wrote:
>> I usually also test packages on Mac OS X, but, unfortunately, after
>> updating my instance to Mavericks pkgsrc stopped working, seem due
>> to missed compiler (refers to gcc 3.x now), removed cvs (so no easy
>> way to update sources from upstream anymore), and now broken bootstrap
>> (redefinition of 'isblank').  Hence I skipped this check, sorry.
> You need to tell pkgsrc that your compiler is clang with the bootstrap
> flag "--compiler clang". It took me a while to work this out.

Yeah, that simplified whole lotta things. Thank you for the tip!

However, fresh pkgsrc installation still halted at libtool-base
with missing dlopen() dependency message. The mk/
tries to find some header files, but without success - Mavericks
has no /usr/include with default XCode installation (how to change
that at App Store? o_O), so it's required to install command line
tools as well:

        xcode-select --install

And, as I already noted, no CVS anymore in base - welcome to


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