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Re: Circular dependency errors

At 3:01 Uhr +0000 8.8.2013, Paul Ackersviller wrote:
>> The most common cause is when you don't use an external compiler, and
>> of course you can't build lang/gcc* without first building its
>> dependencies, which need a compiler...
>Not the problem here, as I've never even been able to build gcc from pkgsrc.

What problems did you run into?

I tried building gcc4{6,7,8} on OpenIndiana (SunOS 5.11) recently, and for
all three ran into a weird error where something in the build appeared to
ascend to lang/gcc??/.. and work through all the subdirectories in lang
with lots of make errors. The same build on netbsd-6 worked fine.

Has anybody successfully built lang/gcc?? on SunOS derived OSes recently?


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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