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Re: python32 and python33 dependencies from a package


From: Greg Troxel <>, Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2013 07:34:10 

> "OBATA Akio" <> writes:
>> It may not work as expected for the case PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT
>> It is not simple.
>> For example, gobject-introspection appeared in the depends list,
>> and it depends on textproc/py-cElementTree, but it should not
>> try to install py32-cElementTree as a dependency.
> I agree this is not straightforward, but it seems that once a package
> picks a python version, then any dependencies that are desired should be
> required with that same version.  Does this work at all?  Or is the
> problem intermediate dependencies via non-python programs, or that gedit
> is not a pyXX- prefixed program?

devel/libpeas supports python2 and python3 at the same time.
Some packages may depends on both of python2 and python3,
but current pkgsrc does not support such packages.

I have no idea about how to handle python dependency correctly.
But I imagine python2 buildlink and python3 buildlink may be separated.
So we may have python27 and python32, and packages may use python2 and/or
python3 by its requirements.

By the way, gtksourceview3 is reverted.
Because I cannot resolve the problem now.

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