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Re: single server: distbb or parallel pbulk?

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 12:20 PM, John Marino <> wrote:
I intend to set up a build environment to regularly build pkgsrc on DragonFly x86-64 (trunk) to provide reports to bulk build mail list.

It's still not clear to me which facility is better on a single machine, distbb or pbulk.

As far as I can tell, distbb has no documentation whatever outside of whatever the package itself installs.

If you need a documentation about how to setup distbb, you can find it
in README file.

See configuration/tutorial section.

For parallel build on single host you'll need precreated chroots (e.g. mksandbox)
and TRANSPORT variable in distbb.conf. For example, if your sandboxes are
/var/chroot/sandbox-{1,2,3}, configuration will look like the following.

TRANSPORT:=/root/pkg_distbb/libexec/distbb/distbb_chroot /var/chroot/sandbox-
SLAVES='1 2 3'

I always build sanboxes manually, so I've never tried mksandbox.

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