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single server: distbb or parallel pbulk?

I intend to set up a build environment to regularly build pkgsrc on DragonFly x86-64 (trunk) to provide reports to bulk build mail list.

It's still not clear to me which facility is better on a single machine, distbb or pbulk.

As far as I can tell, distbb has no documentation whatever outside of whatever the package itself installs.

The pbulk situation is not much better, but at least there's a doc:

It's pretty lacking though and doesn't cover a lot of essential information, especially involving multiple slaves. Joerg gave me a link to recent scripts he uses but I haven't had a chance to review them yet.

In any case, up-to-date clear concise and accurate instructions on both tools seem to be missing.

Or have I simply not found them? Can somebody provide a technical recommendation on which tool we should use for this, and which instructions should be followed?


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