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odd bulk build failure with guile-pg, awk/infrastructure issue?


One can see things going along fine and then:

=> Checking for portability problems in extracted files
awk: function check_random called with 1 args, uses only -2147483648
 input record number 3324, file 
 source line number 56
awk: argument #1 of function check_random was not supplied
 input record number 3324, file 
 source line number 19
*** Error code 1

guile-pg's tarball does not contain any file that has the string
"check_random", and this clearly refers to
mk/check/check-portability.awk, where the line numbers match.

The package builds fine and even passes 'make test' on netbsd-6/i386.

So I wonder if this bulk build has a different awk, or if something else
is going wrong.

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