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Re: understanding relations between binary packages

27. 3. 2013 v 21:38, Hubert Feyrer <>:

> Am 27.03.2013 um 17:42 schrieb Greg Troxel:
>>> 2) for every library that appears in REQUIRES, a package that PROVIDEs this
>>>  library is installed.
>>> 3) None of it CONFLICTS is installed 
>> I think that now, item 1 implies item 2.  If there were a package pair
>> that required the PROVIDES/REQUIRES to resolve dependencies, I would
>> think that's a bug.  But perhaps I'm confused on this point.
>> An important issue is that ABI compat is about more tha library
>> versions; it's about anything invoked by use (script arguments and
>> output).  So while PROVIDES/REQUIRES is really useful to figure out how
>> to automatically cope with in-place upgrades that bump shlib major
>> versions, I'm not sure it is a general/complete solution.
> I couldn't fine any code that uses the PROVIDES/REQUIRES, other than put it 
> into build into, and retrieve it for pkg_info -X == pkg_summary. Where is the 
> code that uses this in resolving dependencies?
> In my understanding points #1 and #3 apply, and #2 simply does not.
> Corrections of this understanding are welcome.

Note that pkgin uses REQUIRES and will refuse to install a package if the libs 
stated do not exist on your system.


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