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Re: Freeze for pkgsrc-2013Q1 started

Well, of course 2013Q1 :)

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:14:12PM +0100, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> Hi!
> The freeze for new functionality in the pkgsrc repository has now
> started. It is expected to last until March 31.
> I'll reuse Alistair's mail from last time: :)
> The goal of the freeze is to keep the underlying infrastructure and
> base packages constant, allowing fixes to aid building on different
> platforms to take place.
> What this means is that no new packages can be added, and please do
> not make any changes to the pkgsrc infrastructure. (This includes the
> packaging tools, and everything in and under pkgsrc/mk). Any changes
> to non-leaf packages should have an explicit "ok" first from one of
> the people on pkgsrc-pmc - schmonz@, wiz@, agc@ and gdt@.
> Security updates are good, as well, but please make pkgsrc-security@
> aware in advance, and if it is intrusive, please run it past
> packages@.
> The heavy bit now - we reserve the right to back out any changes which
> have not been fully discussed, agreed, and in the best interests of
> pkgsrc. This right is not normally exercised, however, and we hope that
> it never will be.
> If you're in doubt about anything, please ask
> Cheers,
>  Thomas

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