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Freeze for pkgsrc-2012Q1 started


The freeze for new functionality in the pkgsrc repository has now
started. It is expected to last until March 31.

I'll reuse Alistair's mail from last time: :)

The goal of the freeze is to keep the underlying infrastructure and
base packages constant, allowing fixes to aid building on different
platforms to take place.

What this means is that no new packages can be added, and please do
not make any changes to the pkgsrc infrastructure. (This includes the
packaging tools, and everything in and under pkgsrc/mk). Any changes
to non-leaf packages should have an explicit "ok" first from one of
the people on pkgsrc-pmc - schmonz@, wiz@, agc@ and gdt@.

Security updates are good, as well, but please make pkgsrc-security@
aware in advance, and if it is intrusive, please run it past

The heavy bit now - we reserve the right to back out any changes which
have not been fully discussed, agreed, and in the best interests of
pkgsrc. This right is not normally exercised, however, and we hope that
it never will be.

If you're in doubt about anything, please ask


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