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Re: Enabling PHP modules by default

A wrinkle is that (probably) sometimes packages over-depend on modules
(multiple db) and one enables the db one is using.  But that's arguably
a bug in the package, if so.

Another way could be to install that ini file with extention commented
and warn the user he has to uncomment it in order to activate the
module, ends-up with pretty much the same level of control, except it
does not pollute the main php.ini.

Just to be clearer, the reason why I'm proposing this is because I
actually use PHP from pkgsrc in production, and as we speak of
upgrades, while upgrading a major version (5.3 -> 5.4) I found it way
simpler to start with a default (recommended) php.ini and have
etc/php.d already populated. Cleaner IMHO.

Also, the user is never told about that directory, we should at least
show it on the MESSAGE, do we agree on that?

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