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Re: Enabling PHP modules by default

iMil <> writes:

> Hi,
> By default, pkgsrc PHP modules show a MESSAGE explaining that one
> should enable them by adding an "" in the php.ini
> file.
> When you're installing a meta-package or a PHP package that needs
> many .so's to work, it is rather painful to go through that process.
> Our PHP supports the "Scan this dir for additional .ini files" with
> the directory /usr/pkg/etc/php.d, what would you think of enabling
> modules by default by creating a /usr/pkg/etc/php.d/foo.ini file
> instead of just asking the user to do it?

That seems a little scary - extensions sort of feel like they should be
under sysadmin control.  But I see your point.

A wrinkle is that (probably) sometimes packages over-depend on modules
(multiple db) and one enables the db one is using.  But that's arguably
a bug in the package, if so.

What do other web languages do, in terms of auto-enabling extensions?
Is there any precedent?  (I don't mean the mechanisms, but the policy

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