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Re: importing www/nginx-devel

iMil <> writes:

> I'm about to import nginx-devel (1.3.13) to pkgsrc, and I'm
> wondering if I can do it that way:
> nginx-devel shares 99% of www/nginx/Makefile's. nginx team is
> really picky when it comes to backward compatibility, which is
> nice.
> I intend to create a Makefile.common in www/nginx containing
> shared resources, which would lead to:
> $ cat nginx-devel/Makefile
> # $NetBSD$
> DISTNAME=               nginx-1.3.13
> .include "../../www/nginx/Makefile.common"
> $ cat nginx/Makefile
> DISTNAME=               nginx-1.2.7
> .include "../../www/nginx/Makefile.common"
> I can't find any other package which is using such agressive
> include method, so I'm wondering if there's something wrong
> about it.

Note that Makefile.common should have comments about what includes it.

PKGREVISION, when the time comes, cannot be shared (even if it has the
same value :-).

I don't see anything wrong with having as much shared as you can
manage.   Usually more is diferent.

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