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importing www/nginx-devel


I'm about to import nginx-devel (1.3.13) to pkgsrc, and I'm
wondering if I can do it that way:

nginx-devel shares 99% of www/nginx/Makefile's. nginx team is
really picky when it comes to backward compatibility, which is
I intend to create a Makefile.common in www/nginx containing
shared resources, which would lead to:

$ cat nginx-devel/Makefile
# $NetBSD$

DISTNAME=               nginx-1.3.13

.include "../../www/nginx/Makefile.common"
$ cat nginx/Makefile
DISTNAME=               nginx-1.2.7

.include "../../www/nginx/Makefile.common"

I can't find any other package which is using such agressive
include method, so I'm wondering if there's something wrong
about it.


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