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Re: net/openvpn23 ?

Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> To follow upstream, we would have to change it in all nagios packages in
> pkgsrc, in one commit, with revbumps.  I'm not sure it's necessary vs
> following the current pkgsrc convention, but I don't have any real
> problem with it.  I do think pkgsrc has to have a single rule, and it
> should be documented in nagios-base/Makefile.common.

I am not sure how openvpn got changed into nagios in our discussion, but
I just done with the changes:
net/openvpn-nagios-20130210 (addition)

Build was tested with and without pkcs11 and pam options, it seems fine.
Of course there is always room for screwing up things.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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