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Re: net/openvpn23 ? (Emmanuel Dreyfus) writes:

> Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>> Can you explain this notion of migration?  The line setting libexecdir
>> to libexec/nagios in nagios-base/Makefile.common was last changed on
>> 2006-02-18.  Or do you mean upstream's defaults, when not given
>> --libexecdir, have changed?
> They had plugins and possibly other things in ${libexecdir}. Now they
> separated plugins in ${libexecir}/plugins and possibly other stuff in
> ${libexecdir/

To follow upstream, we would have to change it in all nagios packages in
pkgsrc, in one commit, with revbumps.  I'm not sure it's necessary vs
following the current pkgsrc convention, but I don't have any real
problem with it.  I do think pkgsrc has to have a single rule, and it
should be documented in nagios-base/Makefile.common.

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