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Re: LICENSE= for ham/trustedQSL (in wip now)

  I am looking for the LICENSE=  of ham/trustedQSL (in wip now).

Two comments:

  It would be fair to ask upstream to clean up their licensing, if they
  can, so that they are clearly using a typical approved license.

  In general, we consider the license to have the author as a free
  variable.  So if the diff is only in years and the author, it is the
  same *license*, issued by a different *author*, even if there is a
  textual diff.

I read the (wdiff -3).  It's close in some ways, but it really isn't the

So I'd say that pcc-license probably is a free license (plus it's odd to
ahve it repeated).  And trustedqsl-license is probably free, but hasn't
been approved.  It seems like 3-clause BSD that has been rewritten.n

If the ARRL really does hold copyright, or there are few authors, this
should be easy for them to fix.
I'll write to them.

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