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Re: net/p5-Net-Pcap build failure

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 05:46:19PM +0100, Edgar Fu? wrote:
 > > In the end, DynaLoader searches /usr/lib/ only,
 > I have to add that this was on 4.0.1
 > I just tried on 6.0, and perl looks vor libpcap in various places,
 > which fails, and then enumerates /usr/lib. It seems to be happy
 > with the result, as is continues and finally ld does pick up
 > /usr/lib/ (no .0).
 > The path it takes on 4.0.1 and 6.0 vastly differ, my imprssion is that under
 > 4.0.1, it decides to pull in net/libpcap (which somehow doesn't work), while
 > under 6.0, it's happy with the builtin version.
 > I did a make show-var VARNAME=BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libpcap, which gave me
 >      libpcap>=0.9.5 libpcap>=0.5.0
 > so the built-in should be fine.
 > What's going wrong?

IME, the only way to debug mysterious builtin failures is to add
temporary debug logic to the file to report what's going
on, and test it from the client package using make -V or make
show-var. (Remember also to make clean in the client package before
experimenting, or you can waste a lot of time being shown out of date
cached values.)

David A. Holland

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