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Re: Re: pkg/46926: High cpu usage Xorg DragonFly x86_64, suspect cairo

On 12/28/2012 00:56, David Shao wrote:
I have tested the patch submitted by Dave Tyson for x11/xfce4-terminal
"xfce4-terminal uses 100% CPU"

on both DragonFly 3.3-DEVELOPMENT i386 and x86_64, and this patch
corrects the near 100% cpu usage observed when using Terminal(s) in

Please include this patch in upcoming pkgsrc-2012Q4 and possibly
backport to pkgsrc-2012Q3.  It is the difference between usable xfce4
on at least DragonFly, and according to Dave Tyson, NetBSD 6 as well.

The source is DragonFly master through
commit 742052891704ee32e333f0baef0a013f27e0d0c3
Date:   Wed Dec 26 00:00:38 2012 +0100

     kernel/powernow: Remove two unused variables.

using pkgsrc current master
commit 0faf7775a201217b90e4c995dc12d8366d6fb966
Author: pkgsrc fixup<>
Date:   Wed Dec 26 18:28:15 2012 -0800

This is a pretty interesting patch for both DragonFly and NetBSD. I am not set up to evaluate XFCE4 right now, I can only take Dave's and David's recommendation that it should be applied.

In any case, if this patch works as advertised, it would be a pull-up candidate. Is there somebody more equipped to test this patch?


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