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Re: python31 amd64 6.0 binary built without IPv6 support?

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

> socket.error: can't use AF_INET6, IPv6 is disabled
> can't use AF_INET6, IPv6 is disabled
> I think the python code has error checking using ENABLE_IPV6. I am 
> guessing that when building this package, it didn't detect IPv6 causing 
> a bad package to be created.

An interesting meta-point: I would argue that it's a bug to switch
on/off support for anything based on the build host (beyond OS
version).  That may be the case, and this build may have it disabled in
But I suspect some build-host state creeps into builds that still needs
to be tracked down and fixed.

(Your notion that package metadata should point to a person who was
responsible for the build seems sensible.)

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