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Renaming packages [was Re: postgresql packages, PG_SUBPREFIX and CONFLICTS]

On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 03:06:50PM -0400, matthew sporleder wrote:
> I think the point of this was a database of all available package
> files/PLISTs, even those which are not installed.
> So if I wanted to find the 'git' package it could be recommended to me.
> scmgit is a great example of a hard-to-find package.

True.  I usually use for all my searching needs (it does a
superb job); I had to look beyond the obvious for git, though, so
something needs to be done.

And so to a suggestion - we should leave scmcvs as scmcvs (it was
named that because of file system insensitivity, and clashes with the
CVS directories, for the curious).  Next we should rename scmgit to
just plain old git, at the same time making misc/git into
misc/gnugit).  An alternative is to rename scmcvs to xcvs, as it is in

> FWIW I built a solr index of pkgsrc a little while ago and it would be
> easy to add PLIST entries.

It could be nice to have, in addition to the services
offers, yeah.  I would think that keeping it up to date would be
non-trivial, though. It would also need to be done on a per-platform
basis, I suspect, with modifications for the options framework.


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