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Re: broken packages for 2012Q3

On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 09:23:12PM +1200, Steven Drake wrote:
 > > security/lasso             probably broke on libxml2 update
 > Confirmed, its a case of lasso will not build will libxml2-2.9.0 and
 > should be reported upstream. (Emmanuel can you do that :).
 > Should this be marked as BROKEN?

Realistically, not unless we're planning to remove it. In theory,
marking broken packages broken keeps bulk builders from bothering to
confirm over and over again that it doesn't work; however, because
failures in the bulk build reports are how broken packages get noticed
and fixed, marking something BROKEN is tantamount to giving up on it

(It might be nice if this weren't the way things worked, but for the
moment at least it is.)

Also, while in this case it's pretty clear, it's not always easy to
tell which failures are general and which are platform-specific.

Anyway, there's a whole pile of packages that fail on the new
libxml2. Does anyone know if there's documentation/instructions
anywhere for adjusting them?

David A. Holland

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