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Re: Gtk+ 2 versus Gtk+ 3

On Tue, 14 Aug 2012 19:19:08 -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:

> Pierre Pronchery <> writes:
>> sorry if I have missed this at some point, but I am wondering if there
>> has already been a consensus on favoring either major versions of Gtk+,
>> for packages that support both. Would it make sense to add a switch in
>> mk.conf, much like packages like PHP or Apache do?
> My take is that for a package that does something, there's no need for
> both, and we should follow upstream guidance.  For packages that provide
> libraries that link against gtk, it's harder.

I can think about www/webkit-gtk and www/webkit-gtk3 in this case, for 
which packages relying on either one would probably have to explicitly 
include the proper one, depending on which version of Gtk+ is preferred 
in the first place.

> What package are you talking about?  I think it helps to discuss the
> issues of a few specific packages and see how that comes out, rather
> than be abstract.  This may be a problem (multi-version support) that
> does not need solving.

Well, for wip/deforaos-libdesktop (on which 13 other packages depend), 
the switch to Gtk+ 3 is only a matter of changing the inclusion of from either x11/gtk2 or x11/gtk3 (and then webkit for 
deforaos-surfer as mentioned above).

This might affect more than just the software I've been writing myself, I 
just have no idea how many would be relevant; if there are "enough" I do 
think it would make sense to be able to switch between Gtk+ 2 or 3 from 


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