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Re: Gtk+ 2 versus Gtk+ 3

Pierre Pronchery <> writes:

> sorry if I have missed this at some point, but I am wondering if there 
> has already been a consensus on favoring either major versions of Gtk+, 
> for packages that support both. Would it make sense to add a switch in 
> mk.conf, much like packages like PHP or Apache do?
> I notice that net/Transmission-gui now even requires Gtk+ 3; are there 
> many more already?

I don't think we've really discussed this.

My take is that for a package that does something, there's no need for
both, and we should follow upstream guidance.  For packages that provide
libraries that link against gtk, it's harder.

What package are you talking about?  I think it helps to discuss the
issues of a few specific packages and see how that comes out, rather
than be abstract.  This may be a problem (multi-version support) that
does not need solving.

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