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Python Unicode

I've just found and read the slides for Tom Christiansen’s talks for OSCON 2011

This includes a test for python, if it supports the full unicode range:

import sys
wide_enough = (sys.maxunicode >= 0x10FFFF)
print("my largest character is",  sys.maxunicode) 

On my NetBSD-6.99.8/amd64, it reports 65535:

# python2.7 i
('my largest character is', 65535)
# python3.2 i
my largest character is 65535

So our Pythons don't support the full Unicode range.

When I add --with-wide-unicode to the CONFIGURE_ARGS, I get:
my largest character is 1114111

But the PLIST is completely different, "3.2u" instead of "3.2" in many

Anyway, don't we want to enable this?

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