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Regression between quarter releases

Another view on status of upcoming pkgsrc release branch.
This is a difference between latest 5.1/amd64/2012q1 and 5.1/amd64/current
bulk builds I ran with distbb. This difference is a result of distbb_diff(1).

R   package has been removed
-   fails to build
-d  absent due to broken dependencies
+   built successfully
N   new package

The most interesting part is "-". It means that package was available
for previous branch but now fails.

R       audio/py-ao     py24-pyao
R       audio/py-cddb   py24-cddb
R       audio/py-daap   py24-PythonDaap
R       audio/py-id3    py24-id3
R       audio/py-id3lib py24-id3lib
R       audio/py-karaoke        py24-karaoke
R       audio/py-libmtag        py24-libmtag
R       audio/py-mad    py24-mad
R       audio/py-mpd    py24-mpd
R       audio/py-musicbrainz    py24-musicbrainz2
R       audio/py-mutagen        py24-mutagen
R       audio/py-ogg    py24-ogg
R       audio/py-vorbis py24-vorbis
R       chat/py-xmpppy  py24-xmpppy
R       comms/py-gammu  py24-gammu
R       converters/py-chardet   py24-chardet
R       converters/py-jpCodecs  py24-jpCodecs
R       converters/py-simplejson        py24-simplejson
R       converters/py-zbase32   py24-zbase32
R       converters/py-zfec      py24-zfec
R       converters/py-zhCodecs  py24-zhCodecs
R       databases/py-PgSQL      py24-PgSQL
R       databases/py-bsddb3     py24-bsddb3
R       databases/py-cdb        py24-cdb
R       databases/py-gdbm       py24-gdbm
R       databases/py-ldap       py24-ldap
R       databases/py-metakit    py24-metakit
R       databases/py-mssql      py24-mssql
R       databases/py-mysqldb    py24-mysqldb
R       databases/py-pgnotify   py24-pgnotify
R       databases/py-postgresql py24-postgresql
R       databases/py-psycopg2   py24-psycopg2
R       databases/py-sqlalchemy py24-sqlalchemy
R       databases/py-sqlite     py24-sqlite
R       databases/py-sqlite2    py24-sqlite2
R       databases/py-sybase     py24-sybase
R       databases/py-table      py24-table
R       databases/ruby-ldap     ruby18-ruby-ldap
R       databases/ruby-ldap     ruby19-ruby-ldap
R       databases/ruby-ldap     ruby193-ruby-ldap
R       devel/mscgen    mscgen
R       devel/py-InlineEgg      py24-InlineEgg
R       devel/py-Optik  py24-Optik
R       devel/py-ZopeInterface  py24-ZopeInterface
R       devel/py-argparse       py24-argparse
R       devel/py-babel  py24-babel
R       devel/py-checker        py24-checker
R       devel/py-coverage       py24-coverage
R       devel/py-ctypes py24-ctypes
R       devel/py-curses py24-curses
R       devel/py-cursespanel    py24-cursespanel
R       devel/py-darcsver       py24-darcsver
R       devel/py-decorator      py24-decorator
R       devel/py-dulwich        py24-dulwich
R       devel/py-expect py24-expect
R       devel/py-fann   py24-fann
R       devel/py-funcparserlib  py24-funcparserlib
R       devel/py-game   py24-game
R       devel/py-generate       py24-generate
R       devel/py-idle   py24-idle
R       devel/py-ipython        py24-ipython
R       devel/py-kjbuckets      py24-kjbuckets
R       devel/py-kqueue py24-kqueue
R       devel/py-logilab-astng  py24-logilab-astng
R       devel/py-logilab-common py24-logilab-common
R       devel/py-mako   py24-mako
R       devel/py-mock   py24-mock
R       devel/py-nose   py24-nose
R       devel/py-ordereddict    py24-ordereddict
R       devel/py-pexpect        py24-pexpect
R       devel/py-pip    py24-pip
R       devel/py-pqueue py24-pqueue
R       devel/py-pysvn  py24-pysvn
R       devel/py-quixote        py24-quixote
R       devel/py-readline       py24-readline
R       devel/py-setuptools     py24-setuptools
R       devel/py-setuptools_trial       py24-setuptools_trial
R       devel/py-subversion     py24-subversion
R       devel/py-subvertpy      py24-subvertpy
R       devel/py-unit   py24-unit
R       devel/py-unitgui        py24-unitgui
R       devel/py-urwid  py24-urwid
R       devel/py-usb    py24-usb
R       devel/py-windbg py24-winpdb
R       devel/py-xdg    py24-xdg
R       devel/py-zconfig        py24-zconfig
R       filesystems/py-fuse-bindings    py24-fuse-bindings
R       fonts/py-TTFQuery       py24-TTFQuery
R       fonts/py-fonttools      py24-fonttools
R       geography/py-proj       py24-proj
R       graphics/py-aafigure    py24-aafigure
R       graphics/py-actdiag     py24-actdiag
R       graphics/py-biggles     py24-biggles
R       graphics/py-blockdiag   py24-blockdiag
R       graphics/py-gdchart     py24-gdchart
R       graphics/py-gnuplot     py24-gnuplot
R       graphics/py-imaging     py24-imaging
R       graphics/py-imagingtk   py24-imagingtk
R       graphics/py-matplotlib  py24-matplotlib
R       graphics/py-matplotlib-tk       py24-matplotlib-tk
R       graphics/py-nwdiag      py24-nwdiag
R       graphics/py-piddle      py24-piddle
R       graphics/py-pyfits      py24-pyfits
R       graphics/py-seqdiag     py24-seqdiag
R       inputmethod/py-zinnia   py24-zinnia
R       lang/py-basicproperty   py24-basicproperty
R       lang/py-cxfreeze        py24-cxfreeze
R       lang/py-pyrex   py24-pyrex
R       lang/python24   python24
R       mail/py-libgmail        py24-libgmail
R       mail/py-sendmail-admin  py24-sendmail-admin
R       math/py-Numeric py24-Numeric
R       math/py-ephem   py24-ephem
R       math/py-fpconst py24-fpconst
R       math/py-gmpy    py24-gmpy
R       math/py-networkx        py24-networkx
R       math/py-networkx        py25-networkx
R       math/py-numarray        py24-numarray
R       math/py-numexpr py24-numexpr
R       math/py-numpy   py24-numpy
R       math/py-roman   py24-roman
R       math/py-rpy     py24-rpy
R       math/py-scipy   py24-scipy
R       misc/py-anita   py24-anita
R       multimedia/py-ming      py24-ming
R       net/p5-ispman   p5-ispman
R       net/py-GeoIP    py24-GeoIP
R       net/py-METAR    py24-pymetar
R       net/py-ORBit    py24-ORBit
R       net/py-adns     py24-adns-python
R       net/py-dns      py24-dns
R       net/py-dpkt     py24-dpkt
R       net/py-google   py24-google
R       net/py-kenosis  py24-kenosis
R       net/py-libdnet  py24-libdnet
R       net/py-libpcap  py24-libpcap
R       net/py-medusa   py24-medusa
R       net/py-omniORBpy        py24-omniORBpy
R       net/py-pcap     py24-pcap
R       net/py-s3cmd    py24-s3cmd
R       net/py-soaplib  py24-soaplib
R       net/py-soappy   py24-SOAPpy
R       net/py-spreadmodule     py24-spreadmodule
R       net/py-suds     py24-suds
R       net/py-twisted  py24-twisted
R       net/py-zsi      py24-ZSI
R       print/py-Pdf    py24-Pdf
R       print/py-pisa   py24-pisa
R       print/py-pslib  py24-pslib
R       print/py-reportlab      py24-reportlab
R       security/py-OpenSSL     py24-OpenSSL
R       security/py-SSLCrypto   py24-SSLCrypto
R       security/py-amkCrypto   py24-amkCrypto
R       security/py-asn1        py24-asn1
R       security/py-crack       py24-crack
R       security/py-cryptkit    py24-cryptkit
R       security/py-crypto      py24-crypto
R       security/py-cryptopp    py24-cryptopp
R       security/py-denyhosts   py24-denyhosts
R       security/py-gnupg       py24-gnupg
R       security/py-keyring     py24-keyring
R       security/py-lasso       py24-lasso
R       security/py-m2crypto    py24-m2crypto
R       security/py-mcrypt      py24-mcrypt
R       security/py-oauth       py24-oauth
R       security/py-paramiko    py24-paramiko
R       security/py-smbpasswd   py24-smbpasswd
R       security/py-ssh py24-ssh
R       security/py-tlslite     py24-tlslite
R       security/py-xmlsec      py24-xmlsec
R       sysutils/py-dbus        py24-dbus
R       sysutils/py-gnome-menus py24-gnome-menus
R       textproc/py-4Suite      py24-4Suite
R       textproc/py-Excelerator py24-Excelerator
R       textproc/py-FourSuite   py24-FourSuite
R       textproc/py-HappyDoc    py24-HappyDoc
R       textproc/py-Tempita     py24-Tempita
R       textproc/py-X   py24-X
R       textproc/py-cabocha     py24-cabocha
R       textproc/py-cmTemplate  py24-cmTemplate
R       textproc/py-creole      py24-creole
R       textproc/py-cssutils    py25-cssutils
R       textproc/py-docutils    py24-docutils
R       textproc/py-elementtree py24-elementtree
R       textproc/py-enchant     py24-enchant
R       textproc/py-expat       py24-expat
R       textproc/py-feedparser  py24-feedparser
R       textproc/py-gnosis-utils        py24-Gnosis-Utils
R       textproc/py-html2text   py24-html2text
R       textproc/py-html5lib    py24-html5lib
R       textproc/py-jinja       py24-jinja
R       textproc/py-jinja2      py24-jinja2
R       textproc/py-libxml2     py24-libxml2
R       textproc/py-libxslt     py24-libxslt
R       textproc/py-lxml        py24-lxml
R       textproc/py-markdown    py24-markdown
R       textproc/py-mecab       py24-mecab
R       textproc/py-pygments    py24-pygments
R       textproc/py-textile     py24-textile
R       textproc/py-vobject     py24-vobject
R       textproc/py-xlrd        py24-xlrd
R       textproc/py-xml py24-xml
R       textproc/py-yamcha      py24-yamcha
R       textproc/py-yaml        py24-yaml
R       textproc/ruby-yajl      ruby18-yajl-ruby
R       textproc/ruby-yajl      ruby19-yajl-ruby
R       textproc/ruby-yajl      ruby193-yajl-ruby
R       time/py-dateutil        py24-dateutil
R       time/py-icalendar       py24-icalendar
R       time/py-mxDateTime      py24-mxDateTime
R       time/py-parsedatetime   py24-parsedatetime
R       time/py-pytz    py24-pytz
R       www/ap-python   ap13-py24-python
R       www/ap2-python  ap2-py24-python
R       www/ap2-python  ap22-py24-python
R       www/ap2-wsgi    ap2-py24-wsgi
R       www/ap2-wsgi    ap22-py24-wsgi
R       www/py-ClientForm       py24-ClientForm
R       www/py-HTMLgen  py24-HTMLgen
R       www/py-PasteDeploy      py24-PasteDeploy
R       www/py-beautifulsoup    py24-beautifulsoup
R       www/py-clearsilver      py24-clearsilver
R       www/py-curl     py24-curl
R       www/py-django   py24-django
R       www/py-django-appmedia  py24-django-appmedia
R       www/py-django-mptt      py24-django-mptt
R       www/py-django-registration      py24-django-registration
R       www/py-django-south     py24-django-south
R       www/py-flup     py24-flup
R       www/py-genshi   py24-genshi
R       www/py-jonpy    py24-jonpy
R       www/py-mechanize        py24-mechanize
R       www/py-moin     py24-moin
R       www/py-nevow    py24-nevow
R       www/py-paste    py24-Paste
R       www/py-rss2gen  py24-rss2gen
R       www/py-scgi     py24-scgi
R       www/py-simpletal        py24-SimpleTAL
R       www/py-swish-e  py24-swish-e
R       www/py-webcolors        py24-webcolors
R       x11/py-Pmw      py24-Pmw
R       x11/py-Tk       py24-Tk
R       x11/py-qt3-base py24-qt3-base
R       x11/py-qt3-modules      py24-qt3-modules
R       x11/py-qt3-qscintilla   py24-qt3-qscintilla
R       x11/py-qt4      py24-qt4
R       x11/py-qt4-qscintilla   py24-qt4-qscintilla
R       x11/py-sip      py24-sip
R       x11/py-wxWidgets        py24-wxWidgets
R       x11/transset-df transset-df
-       chat/jabberd2   jabberd 2.2.14nb1 -> 2.2.16
-       emulators/mess  mess    0.145 -> 0.146
-       graphics/koverartist    koverartist     0.5nb14 -> 0.7.6
-       graphics/librsvg        librsvg 2.34.2nb2 -> 2.36.1
-       inputmethod/py-input-pad        py25-input-pad  1.0.0nb5 -> 1.0.1
-       inputmethod/py-input-pad        py26-input-pad  1.0.0nb5 -> 1.0.1
-       lang/clang      clang   3.0 -> 3.1
N-      lang/gcc47      gcc47   4.7.0nb1
-       mail/cone       cone    0.84nb1 -> 0.90
-       math/R-circular R-circular      0.3.8nb1 -> 0.4.3nb1
-       misc/dpkg       dpkg    1.13.25nb1 -> 1.16.3nb1
-       misc/openoffice3        openoffice3     3.1.1nb24 -> 3.1.1nb26
-       multimedia/gmplayer     gmplayer        1.0rc20100913nb13 -> 1.1
-       net/openafs     openafs 1.4.14 -> 1.7.11
-       parallel/openmpi        openmpi 1.5.4nb1 -> 1.5.5
N-      security/ap-modsecurity ap24-modsecurity        1.9.4
N-      security/validns        validns 0.5
-       wm/twm  twm     1.0.4 -> 1.0.7
N-      www/ap-rpaf     ap24-rpaf       0.5
N-      www/ap-scgi     ap24-scgi       1.13nb2
-       x11/gtk3        gtk3+   3.2.4 -> 3.4.3nb1
-       x11/libFS       libFS   1.0.3 -> 1.0.4
-       x11/libXfixes   libXfixes       4.0.5 -> 5.0
N-      x11/transset    transset        1.0.0
-       x11/xev xev     1.0.4 -> 1.2.0
-       x11/xkbcomp     xkbcomp 1.1.1 -> 1.2.4
-       x11/xload       xload   1.0.2nb1 -> 1.1.1
-       x11/xlsfonts    xlsfonts        1.0.3 -> 1.0.4
-       x11/xmodmap     xmodmap 1.0.4 -> 1.0.7
-       x11/xprop       xprop   1.1.0 -> 1.2.1
-       x11/xrandr      xrandr  1.3.3 -> 1.3.5
-       x11/xset        xset    1.2.0 -> 1.2.2
-       x11/xwd xwd     1.0.3 -> 1.0.5
-       x11/xwininfo    xwininfo        1.0.5 -> 1.1.2
-       x11/xwud        xwud    1.0.2 -> 1.0.4
-d      audio/bmpx      bmpx    0.40.14nb15 -> 0.40.14nb17
-d      audio/sfxr      sfxr    1.1nb8 -> 1.2.1
-d      chat/empathy    empathy 2.34.0nb11 -> 2.34.0nb12
-d      chat/gnomeicu   gnomeicu        0.99.12nb22 -> 0.99.12nb23
-d      comms/gnome-pilot       gnome-pilot     2.0.17nb16 -> 2.0.17nb17
-d      databases/gramps3       gramps  3.2.6nb6 -> 3.3.2
-d      devel/anjuta    anjuta  2.24.2nb20 -> 2.24.2nb21
-d      devel/frama-c   frama-c 20111001nb5 -> 20111001nb6
-d      devel/libgail-gnome     libgail-gnome   1.20.1nb15 -> 1.20.1nb16
-d      devel/mono-tools        mono-tools      2.10nb8 -> 2.10nb9
-d      devel/monotone-viz      monotone-viz    1.0.1nb16 -> 1.0.1nb17
-d      editors/emacs   emacs   23.4nb1 -> 23.4nb2
-d      editors/tomboy  tomboy  1.2.1nb12 -> 1.2.1nb13
-d      games/gbrainy   gbrainy 2.12 -> 2.13
-d      games/gcompris  gcompris        8.4.4nb19 -> 12.01nb2
-d      graphics/cheese cheese  2.26.3nb13 -> 2.26.3nb14
-d      graphics/gegl   gegl    0.1.8nb2 -> 0.2.0
-d      graphics/gimp   gimp    2.6.12nb2 -> 2.8.0
-d      graphics/gimp-liquid-rescale    gimp-liquid-rescale
0.6.1nb10 -> 0.7.1
-d      graphics/osg    osg     3.0.1 -> 3.0.1nb1
-d      graphics/shotwell       shotwell        0.11.6nb2 -> 0.11.6nb4
N-d     graphics/shotwell-gtk3  shotwell        0.12.2nb1
-d      inputmethod/im-ja       im-ja   1.5nb13 -> 1.5nb14
-d      inputmethod/imhangul_status_applet      imhangul_status_applet
 0.3nb29 -> 0.3nb30
-d      meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-apps     modular-xorg-apps       1.5 -> 1.7
-d      misc/deskbar-applet     deskbar-applet  2.32.0nb10 -> 2.32.0nb11
-d      misc/gnome-utils        gnome-utils     2.32.0nb10 -> 2.32.0nb11
N-d     misc/libreoffice        libreoffice
-d      misc/mousetweaks        mousetweaks     2.28.1nb14 -> 2.28.1nb15
-d      misc/yelp3      yelp    3.2.1nb1 -> 3.2.1nb2
-d      net/gnome-netstatus     gnome-netstatus 2.26.0nb15 -> 2.26.0nb16
-d      net/logjam      logjam  4.5.3nb20 -> 4.5.3nb21
-d      net/mldonkey-gui        mldonkey-gui    3.1.0nb7 -> 3.1.2
-d      net/tsclient    tsclient        0.132nb37 -> 0.132nb38
-d      net/vinagre     vinagre 2.30.3nb11 -> 2.30.3nb12
-d      security/seahorse-plugins       seahorse-plugins
2.30.1nb10 -> 2.30.1nb11
-d      sysutils/gnome-power-manager    gnome-power-manager
2.24.4nb15 -> 2.24.4nb16
N-d     textproc/ocaml-tyxml    ocaml-tyxml     2.1
-d      time/gtodo-applet       gtodo-applet    0.1nb31 -> 0.1nb32
-d      wm/compiz       compiz  0.8.4nb17 -> 0.8.4nb18
-d      www/opera-plugins       opera-plugins   1.0nb2 -> 1.0nb3
-d      www/webkit-gtk3 webkit-gtk3     1.6.3nb2 -> 1.8.1
-d      x11/fast-user-switch-applet     fast-user-switch-applet
2.24.0nb15 -> 2.24.0nb16
-d      x11/gnome-applets       gnome-applets ->
-d      x11/gnome-control-center        gnome-control-center
2.32.1nb10 -> 2.32.1nb11
-d      x11/gnome-desktop-sharp gnome-desktop-sharp     2.26.0nb25 -> 2.26.0nb26
-d      x11/gnome-panel gnome-panel     2.32.1nb11 -> 2.32.1nb12
-d      x11/gnome-session       gnome-session   2.26.2nb16 -> 2.26.2nb17
-d      x11/lablgtk     lablgtk 2.14.2nb15 -> 2.14.2nb16
-d      x11/py-gnome2-desktop   py27-gnome2-desktop     2.32.0nb10 -> 2.32.0nb11
N+      archivers/lhasa lhasa   0.0.7
N+      audio/libmusicbrainz5   libmusicbrainz5 5.0.1
N+      audio/py-last   py26-last       0.5.11
N+      audio/py-last   py27-last       0.5.11
N+      audio/py-last   py31-last       0.5.11
N+      audio/py-last   py32-last       0.5.11
N+      chat/emacs-jabber       emacs-jabber    0.8.0
N+      converters/dos2unix     dos2unix        5.3.3
N+      converters/libcdr       libcdr  0.0.6
N+      databases/ocaml-sqlite3 ocaml-sqlite3   1.6.1
N+      databases/py-gdbm       py32-gdbm       0nb5
N+      databases/py-psycopg2   py32-psycopg2   2.4.5
N+      databases/ruby-ldap     ruby18-ldap     0.9.12
N+      databases/ruby-ldap     ruby19-ldap     0.9.12
N+      databases/ruby-ldap     ruby193-ldap    0.9.12
N+      devel/gdbus-codegen     gdbus-codegen   2.32.3
N+      devel/libusb-compat     libusb-compat   0.1.4nb1
N+      devel/libusb1   libusb1 1.0.9
N+      devel/libusbx   libusbx 1.0.11
N+      devel/mad-flute mad-flute       1.7
N+      devel/man-pages man-pages       3.41
N+      devel/ocaml-react       ocaml-react     0.9.3
N+      devel/p5-Algorithm-Permute      p5-Algorithm-Permute    0.12
N+      devel/p5-AnyEvent-XMPP  p5-AnyEvent-XMPP        0.52
N+      devel/p5-Test-Command-Simple    p5-Test-Command-Simple  0.03
N+      devel/p5-Test-DistManifest      p5-Test-DistManifest    1.012
N+      devel/protobuf  protobuf        2.4.1
N+      devel/py-curses py32-curses     0nb5
N+      devel/py-cursespanel    py32-cursespanel        0nb4
N+      devel/py-generate       py32-generate   2.6nb2
N+      devel/py-idle   py32-idle       0nb2
N+      devel/py-ipython012     py26-ipython    0.12
N+      devel/py-ipython012     py27-ipython    0.12
N+      devel/py-msgpack        py32-msgpack    0.1.13
N+      devel/py-readline       py32-readline   0nb5
N+      devel/ruby-daemon_controller    ruby18-daemon_controller        1.0.0
N+      devel/ruby-daemon_controller    ruby19-daemon_controller        1.0.0
N+      devel/ruby-daemon_controller    ruby193-daemon_controller       1.0.0
N+      devel/sfslite   sfslite 1.2.7
N+      devel/tolua++   tolua++ 1.0.93
N+      editors/edt     edt     1.9
N+      editors/medit   medit   1.1.0
N+      emulators/qemu0 qemu    0.15.1nb5
N+      emulators/xnp2  xnp2    0.83pl20120302
N+      fonts/croscorefonts     croscorefonts   1.21.0
N+      fonts/tex-bbold tex-bbold       1.01
N+      fonts/tex-bbold-doc     tex-bbold-doc   1.01
N+      fonts/tex-bbold-type1   tex-bbold-type1 2011nb1
N+      fonts/tex-bbold-type1-doc       tex-bbold-type1-doc     2011
N+      games/py-trueskill      py26-trueskill  0.1.3
N+      games/py-trueskill      py27-trueskill  0.1.3
+       games/sex       sex     1.0nb1
+       geography/qlandkartegt  qlandkartegt    1.3.2nb2 -> 1.4.2
N+      graphics/glm    glm
+       graphics/py-matplotlib-tk       py27-matplotlib-tk
1.0.1nb1 -> 1.1.0
+d      graphics/rabbit ruby18-rabbit   1.0.6 -> 1.0.7
+d      graphics/rabbit ruby19-rabbit   1.0.6 -> 1.0.7
+d      graphics/rabbit ruby193-rabbit  1.0.6 -> 1.0.7
N+      inputmethod/libskk      libskk  0.0.12
N+      lang/clojure    clojure 1.4.0
N+      lang/php5-perl  php53-perl      1.0.0nb2
N+      lang/picoc      picoc   2.1
N+      lang/py-cxfreeze        py32-cxfreeze   4.2.3
N+      lang/python32   python32        3.2.3
N+      lang/vala016    vala016 0.16.0
+d      mail/amavis-perl        amavis-perl     0.1nb7
+d      mail/courier-imap       courier-imap    4.8.1nb1 -> 4.10.0
+d      mail/courier-mta        courier-mta     0.65.2nb2 -> 0.68.1
+d      mail/maildrop   maildrop        2.5.4nb1 -> 2.5.5
N+      mail/py-sendmail-admin  py32-sendmail-admin     1.0nb1
+d      mail/sqwebmail  sqwebmail       5.4.3nb2 -> 5.5.3
N+      math/R-DBI      R-DBI   0.2.5
N+      math/R-RColorBrewer     R-RColorBrewer  1.0.5
N+      math/R-RPostgreSQL      R-RPostgreSQL   0.3.2
N+      math/R-geoRglm  R-geoRglm       0.9.2
N+      math/R-spacetime        R-spacetime     0.6.2
N+      math/R-xts      R-xts   0.8.6
N+      math/R-zoo      R-zoo   1.7.7
N+      math/arpack     arpack  96
N+      math/cloog      cloog   0.16.2nb1
N+      math/p5-Math-Permute-List       p5-Math-Permute-List    1.004
N+      math/ppl        ppl     0.11.2
N+      math/py-gmpy    py32-gmpy       1.15
N+      math/py-munkres py25-munkres
N+      math/py-munkres py26-munkres
N+      math/py-munkres py27-munkres
+d      meta-pkgs/courier       courier 0.65.0
N+      misc/py-anki    py25-anki       1.2.11
N+      misc/py-anki    py26-anki       1.2.11
N+      misc/py-anki    py27-anki       1.2.11
N+      misc/py-libanki py25-libanki    1.2.11
N+      misc/py-libanki py26-libanki    1.2.11
N+      misc/py-libanki py27-libanki    1.2.11
N+      misc/xorg-docs  xorg-docs       1.7
N+      misc/xorg-sgml-doctools xorg-sgml-doctools      1.11
+       multimedia/phonon-backend-gstreamer
phonon-backend-gstreamer        4.5.1
N+      multimedia/php-ming     php53-ming      0.4.4
N+      net/chimera     chimera 1.20
N+      net/dnscheck    dnscheck        1.2.6
N+      net/gitso       gitso   0.6
N+      net/py-IP       py32-IP 0.75
N+      net/py-soaplib  py32-soaplib    0.8nb1
+       news/xrn        xrn     9.01nb3 -> 9.01nb4
+       parallel/sge    sge ->
+       pkgtools/shlock shlock  20080529
N+      print/hplip     hplip   3.12.4
N+      print/py-pslib  py32-pslib      0.2.0nb3
+       print/ruby-gnome2-poppler       ruby18-gnome2-poppler
1.1.2nb2 -> 1.1.3
+       print/ruby-gnome2-poppler       ruby19-gnome2-poppler
1.1.2nb2 -> 1.1.3
+       print/ruby-gnome2-poppler       ruby193-gnome2-poppler
1.1.2nb2 -> 1.1.3
N+      print/tex-clrscode      tex-clrscode    1.7
N+      print/tex-clrscode-doc  tex-clrscode-doc        1.7
N+      print/tex-extsizes      tex-extsizes    1.4a
N+      print/tex-extsizes-doc  tex-extsizes-doc        1.4a
N+      print/tex-mdwtools      tex-mdwtools    1.05.4
N+      print/tex-mdwtools-doc  tex-mdwtools-doc        1.05.4
N+      print/tex-svninfo       tex-svninfo     0.7.4
N+      print/tex-svninfo-doc   tex-svninfo-doc 0.7.4
N+      security/clusterssh     p5-App-ClusterSSH       4.01.01
+       security/courier-authlib        courier-authlib 0.63.0 -> 0.64.0
N+      security/google-authenticator   google-authenticator    0.0.20120506
N+      security/ocaml-cryptokit        ocaml-cryptokit 1.5
N+      security/p5-BSD-arc4random      p5-BSD-arc4random       1.50
N+      security/py-OpenSSL     py32-OpenSSL    0.13
N+      security/py-crack       py32-crack      0.01nb2
N+      security/py-crypto      py32-crypto     2.6
N+      sysutils/conky  conky   1.9.0
N+      sysutils/fscd   fscd    1.0.1
+       textproc/FlightCrew     FlightCrew      0.7.2nb6
N+      textproc/colorit        colorit 1.12.0
N+      textproc/ocaml-text     ocaml-text      0.5
N+      textproc/p5-XML-SAX-ExpatXS     p5-XML-SAX-ExpatXS      1.31
N+      textproc/py-Unidecode   py25-Unidecode  0.04.9
N+      textproc/py-Unidecode   py26-Unidecode  0.04.9
N+      textproc/py-Unidecode   py27-Unidecode  0.04.9
N+      textproc/py-cElementTree        py32-cElementTree       0nb1
N+      textproc/py-expat       py32-expat      0nb6
N+      textproc/py-html2text   py32-html2text  3.02
N+      textproc/py-yaml        py32-yaml       3.08nb1
N+      textproc/ruby-yajl      ruby18-yajl     1.1.0
N+      textproc/ruby-yajl      ruby19-yajl     1.1.0
N+      textproc/ruby-yajl      ruby193-yajl    1.1.0
N+      textproc/the_silver_searcher    the_silver_searcher     0.5
N+      www/ap-php      ap24-php5       5.2.17nb1
N+      www/ap-php      ap24-php53      5.3.13nb1
N+      www/ap2-wsgi    ap2-py32-wsgi   3.3
N+      www/ap2-wsgi    ap22-py32-wsgi  3.3
N+      www/apache24    apache  2.4.2nb1
N+      www/dojo        dojo    1.7.2
N+      www/gwt gwt     2.4.0
N+      www/librest07   librest07       0.7.12nb1
N+      www/py-beautifulsoup4   py26-beautifulsoup4     4.1.0
N+      www/py-beautifulsoup4   py27-beautifulsoup4     4.1.0
N+      www/py-rss2gen  py32-rss2gen    1.0.0nb1
N+      www/py-webcolors        py32-webcolors  1.4
N+      www/sencha-sns  php5-sencha-sns 1.0.3
N+      www/sencha-sns  php53-sencha-sns        1.0.3
N+      www/typo3_47    typo3   4.7.1
N+      x11/py-Tk       py32-Tk 0nb5
N+      x11/py-Xlib     py32-Xlib       0.14
N+      x11/py-sip      py32-sip        4.13.2
N+      x11/viewres     viewres 1.0.3nb1
N+      x11/xkbevd      xkbevd  1.1.3
N+      x11/xkbprint    xkbprint        1.0.3
N+      x11/xkbutils    xkbutils        1.0.3

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