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Re: package failures for 2012Q2

David Holland <> writes:

> devel/sdcc
>       This fails in some NetBSD environments, depending on the exact
>       pattern and length of pathnames, because it uses the find
>       -exec {} + syntax, which in NetBSD's find has completely broken
>       size accounting and sometimes fails with E2BIG.

Shouldn't this be fixed in NetBSD first?

Also, I have found (on some linux system at work) that "-exec ... +" syntax
is not universally accepted, though I don't want to dive into details.

> lang/cint
>       Assorted C++ issues. Also annoying to work with because the
>       build doesn't stop on error.

It should be updated too.

> lang/clang
>       Fails on netbsd-5 because -fPIC is not being used.

Perhaps needs update.

> lang/racket
> lang/racket-textual
>       SIGABRT during build. Works on 32-bit platforms.

I'll try to bring it to upstream.

> math/octave-forge
>       Needs complete rework for current octave.

Octave should be updated too.

> misc/root
>       Fails on fpos_t on -current and -6. Will probably have other
>       problems when that's fixed.

May need update.

> net/mppe-lkm
>       Requires kernel source; but even if the kernel source is
>       present, still doesn't build, at least on -current.

I suspect that it bitrotted way too much. Same as ndis(4).

> parallel/openmpi
>       Various plugins don't install. Currently building an update.

This should be fixed already.

> shells/ast-ksh
> shells/static-ast-ksh
>       Unfetchable. May be fixed.

Should be fixed already.

static-ast-ksh may have further problems.


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