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Re: package failures for 2012Q2

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 12:44:08AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
> devel/p5-VCP
>       "not a HASH reference"; the problem is that
>       textproc/p5-XML-AutoWriter is not compatible with Perl 5.14 and
>       needs to be updated/fixed.

There is no newer version of textproc/p5-XML-AutoWriter. The latest is from 
Perhaps we should just remove the two?

> editors/xemacs-current
>       temacs dumps core, PR 35500. This issue is Olde. It may be
>       possible to fix it by updating.

IIRC Hauke wanted to fix this. Or we just remove it, since it's an
Olde issue and noone fixed it.

> graphics/koverartist
>       C++ issues appearing on gcc 4.1 (netbsd-5).

Require a newer compiler?

> lang/mercury
>       Generic build failure. When that's fixed, it'll probably
>       revert to its previous problem of SIGSEGV during build.
>       Apparently works on i386.

Restrict to i386?

> lang/racket
> lang/racket-textual
>       SIGABRT during build. Works on 32-bit platforms.

Restrict to i386?

> math/cgal
>       Fails on netbsd-5 due to lack of fenv.h.

Restrict to NetBSD-6+?

> misc/root
>       Fails on fpos_t on -current and -6. Will probably have other
>       problems when that's fixed.

Restrict to NetBSD-5 until someone fixes it?

> misc/window
>       Fails on netbsd-5 because it expects the system headers to
>       provide __printflike.

Restrict to NetBSD-6+? 5 has it in base anyway.

> multimedia/dvb-apps
>       Fails on netbsd-5 due to lack of dev/dtv/dtvio.h.

Definitely restrict to 6+

> multimedia/vlc08
>       Needs an older ffmpeg. Stephen Borrill wants to keep this and
>       was going to import an old ffmpeg to support it, but hasn't yet.

cvs rm :)

> net/arla
>       Expects kernel headers (and so fails right off in most builds)
>       and also expects kernel headers that don't exist. Only buildable
>       on netbsd-4, IIRC. Unless I've got mixed up again, should be
>       removed in favor of net/openafs.

Restrict to NetBSD-4 for now and remove it once that's obsolete.

> net/citrix_ica
>       Assorted problems; most immediate is that the packaging doesn't
>       handle amd64 correctly.

Restrict to i386?

> security/validns
>       Fails on netbsd-5 due to lack of stpcpy().

Restrict to 6+?

> sysutils/sformat
>       Fails on getline(), and the makefiles don't stop on error.

This is from 2001. Perhaps it's time to leave.

> wb/obconf
>       Cannot find 'obrender' and 'obparser'. This is because it needs
>       to be updated for more recent wm/openbox... but upstream hasn't
>       bothered to release anything.

Remove it and add it again if a new release comes.

> www/ap-rpaf
> www/ap-scgi
>       These fail on apache24, and are otherwise ok.

Do we have a variable we can set for this?

> www/ocsigen
>       Needs update (in gnats).

I'm in contact with the updater, he wanted to send another patch.

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