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Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> On Sat, Jun 09, 2012 at 03:40:42PM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> So what should we do about this?  It seems like inet6 should be on by
>> default, and turned off on deficient platforms, rather than the other
>> way around.
> I think we should change packages that have this option to have it on
> by default, and get convert the users of the deprecated variable to
> the option.

That makes sense, but I think it isn't people that are using the
variable.  As I understand things:

  There is a USE_FEATURES/MISSING_FEATURES scheme, and inet6 is put in
  MISSING_FEATURES on platforms without IPv6 compile-time support.

  There is a mapping from USE_INET6 to option inet6.  USE_INET6 is
  defined in NetBSD in /usr/share/mk/, and the deprecated
  option processing is how inet6 is enabled.

So it seems like the thing to do is to decouple base system options from
pkgsrc and:

  put inet6 in PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS for all packages with an inet6

  perhaps, do something so that the inet6 option implies
  USE_FEATURES=inet6, so we get a compile-time failure instead of a
  package with a broken PLIST.  optional, can be done later

  remove the legacy mapping for USE_INET6

This will mean people with NetBSD (and maybe OpenBSD, FreeBSD,
DragonFly) systems that are trying not to use IPv6 in the base system
(via MKINET6=no or USE_INET6=no) will have to add 
but that seems pretty straightforward and less mysterious.

Counting with simple egrep, I see 121 packages with inet6 options in, and 36 that have inet6 in PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS (wip and
pkgsrc).  It's 105/34 in just pkgsrc. 

In Makefile*, the count is 35/3.

So this is fairly easy to do, at 156 packages.

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