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History of gnome-power-manager? and gnome/glib2 version separation?

sysutils/gnome-power-manager doesn't build due to recent glib2 update.
However, looking more closely, it's still (intentionally) on version 2.24 while the rest of gnome is on 2.26. The gnome metapkg also has 2.26 commented out without documenting why.

So first, does anybody know why?

Secondly -
Should glib2 be getting constantly bumped to the next version (currently at 2.32) while gnome wallows at 2.26? That's the primary cause of the package failure, glib2 mismatch.

Shouldn't these be upgraded together?

Or to ask a related question: Is there a technical reason gnome is still at 2.24?

Is there a strategy for glib2 version updates - or is it just enthusiasm? The last bump to 2.32 was pretty painful, how necessary was that? I felt bad for dholland.


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