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licenses as packages


   Did anyone ever consider making licenses into packages? (Analogous to
the unix philosophy "everything is a file", from pkgsrc's perspective it
would be something along the line of "everything is a package").

   # cd /usr/pkgsrc/blah/gfoo
   # make
   [.. error about licenses/gpl2 not being installed ..]
   # cd /usr/pkgsrc/licenses/gpl2
   # make package-install
   # cd /usr/pkgsrc/blah/gfoo
   # make
   [.. success! ..]

   # date +%F
   # pkg_add firefox-781.0.tgz
   Missing mozilla-license.
   # pkg_add mozilla-license.tgz
   # pkg_add firefox-781.0.tgz

   So licenses would essentially be dependencies which aren't
automatically built/traversed.

   I don't really see any benefits to this, and I'm not seriously
suggesting pkgsrc move in that direction. I'm just curious if it was
ever considered, and if there are any reasons it wouldn't work in
theory. (Apart from the long line of general annoyances it would create).

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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