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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/cad/simian-docs

On 20 May 2012 10:39, Joerg Sonnenberger <> 
> I know that there are singular voices objecting the removal. I also
> don't agree with them and it is obvious that any further discussion
> about that is unlikely to resolve the issue. As such, it is the
> responsiblity of the pkgsrc-pmc to resolve it. Your change doesn't fix
> the problem (missing distfile) nor is the package broken, if the
> distfile is around (e.g. for the various Intel firmware packages some
> people do have them). I object to this change because it creates
> pointless platform variations for no good reason. Lack of a clear policy
> doesn't count.
> To bring this issue forward, I put the following suggestion up for
> decision making:
>    Packages are to be removed from pkgsrc, when the distfiles are not
>    distributable and cannot be obtained for a period of one full quarter
>    branch. Packages with manual / interactive fetch must have a
>    maintainer and it is his/her responsibility to ensure this.
> pkgsrc-pmc is in CC.

I believe there is value for such packages, albeit to a limited number
of users who
can obtain the distfiles, but that value is lower than the current
wasted time and
annoyance for users and those handling questions from users who try to build
the packages.

The current situation maximises that wasted time.

As an alternative to just dropping them I would suggest tagging them
with a DISTFILE_MESSAGE which would explain the specific distfile obtaining
situation, moving them to a specific category, or moving them out of pkgsrc
main into a -wip like repository (in that order of preference).

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