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How to find out whether built-in skey is used or not?

So far, the following way of distinguishing whether or not the built-in skey is 
used worked fine:

. include "../../security/skey/"
. if (defined(IS_BUILTIN.skey) && ${IS_BUILTIN.skey} == no )
...[ code A]...
. else
...[ code B]...
. endif

Lately, this seems to have stopped working. Even though
bmake show-vars VARNAMES=IS_BUILTIN.skey clearly yields "no" (on Darwin, as an 
example), the above lines no longer lead to code A being run in the Makefile 
instead of code B.
What's the appropriate way to check for skey being built-in or not?

Georg Schwarz +49 170 8768585

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