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Makefile variable names

I have two questions on naming variables in pkgsrc Makefiles.

How to avoid clashes? When using names like CLIENTDIR or CONFIGDIR, I'm
regularly afraid I may clash with current or future "infrastructure" names.
Is there a policy on how to call "private" variables?

How to avoid confusion? I may need a path to the same file in two or more 
1. relative to ${PREFIX} (i.e. for PLIST usage)
2. with ${PREFIX} to record a filename in a package configuration file or as
   a symlink target
3. with both ${DESTDIR} and ${PREFIX} in do-install.

With emulation, there are also varaints of 2.: with or without the emulation 

So I end up wth something like:

TSM_CLIENTSUBDIR=       opt/tivoli/tsm/client


This woks, but I guess my view of what xxxDIR and xxxSUBDIR mean is not
everybody else's.

Is there some agreement on how to name such variables or handle the situation?

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