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Re: pkg-config-0.26

On Friday, at 17:30, Julio Merino wrote:
| That's what I meant; I know that the trivial version is trivial, but 
| there is much more to it as you say.  I am afraid that the people 
| claiming that rewriting pkg-config is trivial say so because they have 
| not seen the corner cases.

Apart from handling pkg-config bugs, what are those corner cases?
Listing them could help (me, at least) figuring out whether they're actually
show-stoppers or not.

| Writing such a replacement in anything else other than C would not solve 
| the current concerns in pkgsrc.  The pkg-config package would then end 
| up depending on a Python/Perl/whatever interpreter (on NetBSD at least), 

Is there any decent system not coming with some sort of awk? Which is about 10
files anyway (to be compared to glib), so it could very well be bundled
with the pkg-config package.

Also, when doing time comparisons, it might worth considering the time spent by
all people packaging the new pkg-config-0.26 for every kind of package
management tool and dealing with that silly circular dependency...

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