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Re: pkg_tarup inclusion in pkg_create


> > in the pkg_tarup comments you can read somebody proposing the integration
> > of pkg_tarup to pkg_admin. pkg_admin is not suited for that, but
> > pkg_create is, as it is the tool behind pkg_tarup.
> > I'm not much into the whole packaging thing, but I need this
> > functionality, so
> Why do you need this functionality?  Maybe describing what you are
> actually trying to do may lead to different solutions that do not
> involve integrating pkg_tarup into pkg_create.
it's nothing but the obvious case: I have different systems, partially with
nearly no space to save package copies. And I want to backup them, and in the
best case create a backup that can restore the system directly as well, but
be packed.
Just packing /usr or /usr/pkg to a tarball makes it huge (ok, I could split
that up), but still undesirable.
This should work for binary packages as well as for pkgsrc packages.

All in all: The most generic case of backing up a system. ;-)

Regards, Julian

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