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Re: what's that license?

Georg Schwarz <> writes:

> Is the following license already included with pkgsrc? If so, what's
> it called? If not, should I add a new one (it'S for a WIP package)?
>  * Permission is hereby granted to copy, reproduce, redistribute or otherwise
>  * use this software as long as: there is no monetary profit gained
>  * specifically from the use or reproduction or this software, it is not
>  * sold, rented, traded or otherwise marketed, and this copyright notice is
>  * included prominently in any copy made.
>  *
>  * The author make no claims as to the fitness or correctness of this software
>  * for any use whatsoever, and it is provided as is. Any use of this software
>  * is at the user's own risk.

It's not familiar to me.  Grepping for 'monetary', it seems that it is
similar to trn-license, but not the same.  So we need to add a new one.

(You didn't imply that you thought it was, but this is clearly not open

> sounds pretty generic nonprofit-only-no-warranties-whatsoever to me.

True, but we don't describe licenses, just match text, so that
characterization (while seeming accurate to me) doesn't bear on naming
or treatment.

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