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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/xzgv

> This option also has an effect on the resolution of symbols in dynamic
> libraries. With --copy-dt-needed-entries dynamic libraries mentioned on
> the command line will be recursively searched, following their DT_NEEDED
> tags to other libraries, in order to resolve symbols required by the
> output binary. With the default setting however the searching of dynamic
> libraries that follow it will stop with the dynamic library itself. No
> DT_NEEDED links will be traversed to resolve symbols.

Doesn't that stop you implementing what is expected to be a single
shared library in several parts? [1]

ie it breaks the elf namespace 'feature' that all libraries loaded
as part of 'program load' have their symbols put into the single
'GLOBAL' namespace.

This means that:
1) The linker should never copy 'NEEDED' entries from the library
   specified at link time into the program image.

2) When linking shared libraries you need two type of 'NEEDED'
   entries, one for the global namespace (the historic default)
   and one that doesn't expose the symbols to the main program.


[1] also used by many things to intercept library calls...

David Laight:

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