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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/xzgv

On 12/16/2011 10:26 AM, Thomas Klausner wrote:

> Do I understand correctly:
> The package is using functions from libm and libX11 directly, but is not 
> linking against either.
> Previously (before ld 2.22), this worked because the libraries are pulled 
> indirectly.
> ld 2.22 changed this behaviour.
> If that's the case, your changes are fine with me.
>  Thomas

Yes, that's my understanding of the situation.
--no-copy-dt-needed-entries is now the default option starting with
binutils 2.22


This option affects the treatment of dynamic libraries referred to by
DT_NEEDED tags inside ELF dynamic libraries mentioned on the command
line. Normally the linker won't add a DT_NEEDED tag to the output binary
for each library mentioned in a DT_NEEDED tag in an input dynamic
library. With --copy-dt-needed-entries specified on the command line
however any dynamic libraries that follow it will have their DT_NEEDED
entries added. The default behaviour can be restored with

This option also has an effect on the resolution of symbols in dynamic
libraries. With --copy-dt-needed-entries dynamic libraries mentioned on
the command line will be recursively searched, following their DT_NEEDED
tags to other libraries, in order to resolve symbols required by the
output binary. With the default setting however the searching of dynamic
libraries that follow it will stop with the dynamic library itself. No
DT_NEEDED links will be traversed to resolve symbols.

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